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6 Figure Consistent Cash Flow



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Let’s be real, you’ve been working...but the income you are making right now is just not working for you.

Right now, you believe making more money in your service based business means more work, more stress, and a lot less free time.

Does this sound familiar?...

You’re working hard… and I mean straight hustlin' like crazy online just to find yourself on a financial roller coaster each and every month. It makes your stomach sick thinking about the dip of income you might have.

→ All you want to do is leave a legacy and yet you are tired of not seeing the sales, income, and impact you desire after working all day long. (what gives.. right?!)

→ “EASE AND FLOW”...they say… Then why do things feel SO HARD?! You know something needs to shift in order for clients and money to feel easier you just have no idea where to even begin.

→ You’re looking at everyone else achieving the goal you set for yourself and you’re starting to feel like something is missing... saying ”What am I doing wrong?” ”Why am I not there yet?” “What’s wrong with me?”

You want 5 Figure Cash Months... and yet you are trying to figure out HOW to even hit $10k-30k cash months EACH month without a clear plan or roadmap to get there.

→ You are tired of worrying each month how you are going to “do it again”. “How in the world am I going to make the high level money again, sign more clients again?”... sitting there wondering if your success was a fluke or a one time thing.

→ You have an audience of people (big or small) who tell you they love you yet they never seem to convert into clients. Why can’t they just sign up already?? You nurture them, you give them free value, and they still don’t sign up as a paying client.

You’re still struggling to find high end clients who want to pay you and you have no idea how to scale your income from where you are right now. You have ideas but no clue how to piece them together. You just want someone to tell you want to do.

Instead imagine your life 6 months from now...


βœ”οΈ -Imagine having a step by step 6 figure acceleration plan knowing exactly what actions you need to do each month, week, and day in your service-based business. You know that you have income coming in each month in your online business, with your base revenue plan and get to scale it confidently with new sales each and every month.  

βœ”οΈ -Imagine doubling or even 10xing your income, impact, and your free time. (hell yeah!) Hitting the 5 figure income months you dreamed about (6 months ago) in your online service-based business. You are now highly recommended and requested as the go-to expert in your field. 

βœ”οΈ -Imagine feeling completely clear, confident, and Fiercely Unstoppable® in pursuit of your true soul desires. You wake up feeling excited about the work you’re doing and confident in your pricing, your sales, your offers, and your strategic 6 figure business plan. You now KNOW success is happening for you each and every day.

βœ”οΈ -Imagine the influx of massive cash ($$$$$$$) Imagine receiving more money than you could ever imagine! Enrolling 1, 5, 10, even 15+ clients a month into your signature scalable offer, with more leads coming in!

What would it mean to you to have a personalized step-by-step plan to your 6 Figure+ year?


I’m here to tell you: With energy activation, courageous confidence, and PROVEN strategies, your success is inevitable! 

The truth is, it’s just a few tweaks you need to shift and once fixed, the magic happens!
(aka..those Holy Sh*t Results!)


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I know you’re ready to scale and easily create $10k+ Consistent Cash Months... but you’ve asked yourself questions like…

πŸ€” Is it even possible for me to hit $10k-30k cash months? 

πŸ’ͺ I’m ready and willing to do the work, but what should I be doing?

🍾 How do I even find high level clients who will easily say yes to the high prices I want to charge?

❓I don’t even have a big audience, how could I ever hit six figures+?

There can be so many questions when scaling your business because what got you here, will not get you there

If you don’t have a proven 6 Figure Strategic Plan to follow, energy activation shifts, and the courageous confidence needed to escalate fast it can feel like an uphill battle. 

Doing it all on your own leads to confusion, frustration, and a lot more time, energy, and money. 


I am dedicated and determined to help you make this easy and fun on your way to the Holy Sh*t Results destined for you! 

I want to help you make as much money as you want having a step by step plan along the way

1. The Financial Roller Coaster Entrepreneur 

Pro: You are making money in your business! 

Con: It’s never consistent so you constantly feel like you are starting over each month (sometimes literally at $0) which is stressful. 

2. The Hustling Dreamer

You have your proof of concept! You are signing clients and you are ready and willing to do the work. 

Con: You work SO HARD you always have more ‘month than money’. Somehow the more you do doesn’t equal more cash money coming through.


3. Ready to scale CEO

The truth is you have seen some amazing success! Excited and ready for 5 figure cash months! 
Con: Your current business model isn’t scalable and you have no idea how to shift it into a model that can continue to grow.

No matter where you are, the solution is the same: 


Create a proven scalable system that builds base revenue and takes strangers to paying customers again and again so you can easily scale to $10k-$30k in the next 90 days!


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This is EXACTLY why I created 6 Figure Consistent Cash Flow!

So we can accelerate your $100k race


The Number ONE program for ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to master their confidence and turn it into $10k-$30k+ consistent cash months and beyond!!


There is no other program out there that gives you ALL the tools needed to scale to consistent 5 figure cash months and hit your next $100k.

I’m teaching you all the tools and strategies needed to help you make money in your business
for the rest of your life. 


This is the only program out there that supports you with proven strategy, energy activation, and mind mastery for your success!

Watch how Katherine scaled to $30k months in 90 days!


Watch how Jessica signed 11 clients and generated over $10,954!


Just Imagine where you’ll be in 6 months from now!

Life BEFORE 6 Figure Consistent Cash Flow:

βœ–οΈ On the financial rollercoaster in your service based business, dying to get off.

βœ–οΈ You are currently undercharging and overworked just wishing for something to be different in your business.

You are trying anything and everything strategy and mindset wise hoping it’s the “magic” thing that works for you in your business.

You are working day in and day out online yet still not seeing the results you desire.

Your offerings feel scattered without any clear vision to get to $10k+ months.

Sales feel hard and far and in between, you are ready for more consistency in clients and cash flow.

You don’t have a clear plan for your next $100k which is causing overwhelm and confusion

Life AFTER 6 Figure Consistent Cash Flow: 

βœ…  Growing and expansive income and impact in your online service based business.

βœ…  A clear plan and personalized strategies to scale to your next $100k+.

βœ… Consistent clients and high 5 figure cash months.

βœ… Solid systems and processes in place to run your 6 figure+ business.

βœ… More freedom! Working less yet making more!

βœ… Hitting 6 Figures+ year after year.

βœ… Feeling on FIRE and completely Fiercely Unstoppable® on your entrepreneurial journey.  
βœ… A complete energetic shift internally which natrually draws in $100k+ success just by being you! 

Access to the 6-Month 6 Figure Consistent Cash Flow Program & Curriculum

This program is intentionally designed to be a 6 month container as we create your scalable product funnel and optimize your personalized strategies for $100k+ success. This gives you time to shift, add, remove, launch, and so much more on your 6 Figure+ journey.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Brooke Allison

Each week, we have high level coaching calls together. This is where we will discuss strategies and anything you need to produce consistent clients and cash.

Weekly Visual Critique & Review

Each week, you can submit your visual work for feedback and critique. This is where we will have our hands, eyes, and ears all over your visual work giving you actionable expert feedback on your copy, funnel, strategy, marketing, and more.

Bi-Weekly Energy Shifting Calls

Bi-Weekly, we fully focus on developing your million dollar expansive mindset by shifting your energy. Each session we focus on your personal fear, worry, struggle, and help you SHIFT in a matter of minutes as you run towards your next $100k!

Private Community & Coaching

You’ll be part of a private Facebook Community with other high-level, like minded members. This is your area to surround yourself with future 6- and 7- figure business owners, ask questions, and get support in the private access group.

LIVE Quarterly Money Rituals

Each quarter you get a special client only invite to an in depth Money Ritual to re align with your vision and bust through any money limitations keeping you stuck. THESE ARE POWERFUL 

Expert Interview Vault

You’ll get access to top industry experts giving private training’s on passive income, PR, IG Growth, Pinterest for business, and more!

βœ”οΈ You will have a clear strategy to get you to those $10k months and above!

βœ”οΈ You will have a six figure business plan you can run with!

βœ”οΈ You will become an energetic match for attracting all the abundance you crave!

βœ”οΈ You will be confident in your vision, your message, and be crystal clear on how to get to 5 figure months and a 6 figure year!

βœ”οΈ You will become pro at all things sales, attracting, overcoming objections, and closing!

βœ”οΈ You will step into the person who draws in clients with ease just by being you!

Truthfully, there has never been a better time to scale your business.

The longer you wait, the more your clients can’t access the solution you have for them and they start seeking it elsewhere.

Why would you want to wait another 6 months when you could have an extra $100k in 6 months?




Starting NOW will allow you to:

  • Generate income and impact NOW (aka even in the first week!)

  • Create your scalable product funnel that leads people from stranger to paying customer again and again (aka more sales more often!) 

  • Access the freedom based lifestyle you’re desiring now (more time, more cash, more clients, more fun)

There is no better time than right NOW to get started on your 6 Figure+ business vision.


⭐ You already have a Service-Based business. A coach, consultant, expert, done for you, realtor, photographer, graphic designer, anything that provides a service. You’ve signed clients before and you’re ready to make it more consistent at a higher level.

⭐ You are making some money but are dedicated to scale to $10k (minimum) each month. You are ready to do anything and everything to fully focus on consistent five figure cash months.

⭐  You are willing and ready to do the work if you had a step by step action plan.

⭐ You are committed to taking 100% responsibility for your experience knowing you are the only one who can generate success for you. You’re ready and excited to show up, ask for feedback and help when needed, and do the work!

I’m going to give you EVERYTHING you need to create consistent cash and scale to 6 Figures+. 


Simply follow the course work, implement the tools, show up to shift and get support, and get ready for your Holy Sh*t results! 


I am here for anything and everything you need, nothing is off limits. I am so dedicated to your success through proven strategy, energy activation, and mind mastery.

You have TWO choices here:



Option #1:
You can choose to waste more time, money, and energy trying to do all of this yourself. How much is this already costing you? Hours? .. Months? .. Years?





Option #2:
You can steal my step by step 6 Figure+ success plan and spend the next 6 months building a scalable business with proven strategies and start seeing the Holy Sh*t results meant for you!

AKA: You feeling on FIRE while receiving more cash and clients than ever before after you jump into 6 Figure Consistent Cash Flow


Are you ready to learn the 4-Part Framework to hitting 6 Figures+ in the next 6-12 months?

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If accepted, you’ll be invited to my FREE private training where you’ll learn my 4-part framework to finally break through the income ceiling and hit those $10k-30k consistent cash months, month after month.

Just fill out the form below and let’s get you off the financial rollercoaster once and for all so you can receive more cash and clients than ever before!
Hi, I’m Brooke Allison, and I’m obsessed with helping service-providers, coaches, and educators master their personal psychology and scale their monthly revenue to $10k+ each and every month! 

I started my business in 2017 after being at my lowest financial low. Working 3 part time jobs, another business and I was still on food stamps and struggling to make ends meet. 

In one year in business I went from making $8k in a year… YES in a year to over $250k+ in sales and 6 figures CASH!! 

A few years later we are sitting over a half million dollars and scaling to $1mil this year. 

Before hitting this milestone, I KNEW to my core that my $10k months were coming but for some reason I just wasn’t there. I got to a certain level of income and couldn’t seem to surpass it. I truly thought strategy was going to be the answer but it was the mix of strategy, energy activation, and mind mastery that scaled my business to over 26 $10k+ months. $10k - all the way to $45k+ Cash in one month! 

I knew so many more people could benefit from this work and I have helped hundreds build and scale their business to $10k+ months, 6 figure+ years, and now it’s your turn.

I created this program because I was tired of people investing again and again and still struggling. I know with the work I teach, it works if you work it and I fully believe any business owner can generate $100k+ easily and effortlessly with the right guidance and support. 

I cannot wait to see what YOU create in this program! 

Let me show you the only 4 things needed to scale to 6 figures in the next 6-12 months without a complicated sales system!

Just apply below!